Social Worker

Claire Looney – Social Worker – Claire started with WIDA in 2008, she has a National Qualification in Social Work from Trinity College 2007 and she is on the Register of Social Workers in accordance with the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005.

Claire works with service users and their circle of support in each of our services. This service is provided in line with WIDA’s Mission Statement, aiming to empower service users to live full lives and to promote their participation and choice in all aspects of planning and living their lives.


WIDA’s social worker aims to promote service user rights and access to advocacy in order to equip service users to avail of opportunities in their lives, that are based on their own choice and which will enhance their quality of life. Our social work service is available to each service user/applicant to:

  • apply to WIDA for a service and to understand the services available
  • assist with transitions in their lives
  • provide support during times of crisis
  • plan for their futures
  • provide support, advice and counselling.

Should you wish to contact our social worker, please phone WIDA Head Office on 051897822.