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Service User’s Charter of Rights

What you can expect from us?


You have a right to:

  • be treated with dignity and respect by our staff and other service users at all times, and
  • enjoy a social life and be included in activities and events if you want to.

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You have a right to:

  • have your privacy and your property respected at all times,
  • have your personal information kept private, and
  • have quiet time to be on your own if you want to so long as it’s safe for you and everyone else.

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You have a right to:

  • get information about all the choices you can make as a WIDA service user and have those choices fully explained to you, and
  • make the choice that suits you best so long as it doesn’t affect anyone else’s rights.

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You have a right to:

  • feel safe and cared for in everything you do,
  • enjoy the feeling of being safe without feeling that you are being over-protected, and
  • be free from anyone taking advantage of you or abusing you in any way.

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Opportunities and Chances

You have a right to:

  • have opportunities and chances to help you achieve all you can,
  • make full use of resources that are available to you, and
  • make the most of your life.

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Equality and Diversity

You have a right to:

  • be as independent as possible and be happy with your life
  • be loved and respected no matter where you’re from, what your religion is or what you look like,
  • be treated the same as anyone else and not be bullied or picked on, and
  • be free to complain without worrying that it will cause trouble for you.

What We Expect From You

We expect you to:

  • respect our staff,
  • respect our property, and
  • respect other WIDA service users

photo of Teresa Harhen

For more information, contact:

Teresa Harhen,

Assistant Director of Nursing (Respite)

051 897822

photo of Fran Parsons

For more information, contact:

Fran Parsons,

Assistant Director of Nursing (Residential and Day Service)

051 897822

Human Rights Committee

WIDA has a Human Rights Committee and policies and procedures around this. The purpose of this is to:

Ensure that the staff and the service users and their representatives are aware of the service user rights and how to request the committees assistance where they are concerned about a rights restriction. If you feel that someone in you care needs the help of this service you should contact:


Mary Lonergan: 051 856 961


Catriona O' Driscoll: 051 858 764